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"I nearly knocked Megan over on my way up the old attic stairs, I was so excited to see what was up there. Ellie said that we'd find an "adventure." What did she mean by that? When I reached the doorway I couldn't believe what I saw.

Everyone's always yelling at me to slow down. I like to go faster and there isn't much that I'm afraid of. I take dares that even my brothers won't do.

I love playing all kinds of sports--softball, soccer, basketball --and I guess I'm pretty good at them. I've heard grown-ups call me a "tomboy," but I don't care. My Magic Attic Club friends know that I like dressing up sometime, too. My jeans with the matching jacket are my favorite things to wear. Of course, I wear sneakers, too. When I'm playing sports, I either wear a baseball cap or I pull my hair back into a ponytail. Then I throw on my back-pack and go!"

Introduced through Georgetown in 1994 in a test catalog, she was initially supposed to debut in the book "The Secret of the Mirror" by Elizabeth Kelly. That book, along with others, is very rare and was completely scraped. Her character and personality were fleshed out in the official book "The Secret of the Magic Attic" by Sheri Cooper Sinykin.


Alison is known for her long golden blonde hair worn with fringe, her blue eyes, tan, and the infamous infectious "McCan" grin (which, based on the illustrations, seems to consist of dimples). Alison is depicted as tall. She mostly wears the color blue and doesn't wear dresses very often.

Personality & Interests[]

Alison's most notable trait is her athleticism. She is good at almost all sports, but her favorite sports have consistently been soccer, baseball, and basketball. Alison is on the basketball team and captain of her soccer team. Ice Skating was one of Alison's least favorite sports before her adventure in the mirror. In Keisha To the Rescue, a newer book in the series, it was stated that her favorite sports were speed skating and figure skating.

Alison is tomboyish. Her big brother calls her his "biggest little brother" and teases that she'd "wear sweats to the prom and to her wedding". She does enjoy baking and occasionally dressing up, but she's generally not interested in anything too girly. She doesn't normally wear dresses, and dislikes "stuffy" or long and quiet events.

Alison is energetic and impulsive, and likes adventure, action, and excitement. She is quite impatient and likes to move fast. Alison can be especially impatient and judgmental when it comes to things she doesn't understand.

She is competitive and likes to win. She especially likes competing against her older brother.

Alison is also straightforward and often ends up hurting her friends' feelings without meaning to because she's so honest.

Alison is excellent at coming up with big ideas, schemes, and plans. Sometimes, her schemes are too grand and unrealistic. Still, she is quite the leader as well as very outgoing and popular. She was voted in as the class president. She is daring, and there aren't too many dares she won't take. She loves to take on challenges. She jumped off the high board when she was just in 1st grade. She also challenged some high school boys to a snowball fight. Alison loves attention, even if she gets stage fright at times. She's very good at facing most of her fears. However, her greatest fears are failure and reading, which she finds difficult to face.

Alison was diagnosed with dyslexia during the series, which often embarrasses her. Reading is her least favorite subject as a result and it's hard for her to stay organized. She also isn't fond of trivia. Still, she does pretty well in school. Alison likes having a computer because she likes the "Spell Check" function.

Alison doesn't like being alone and feeling left out.

Alison has strong family ties. She likes to carry on family traditions and make her family proud. She inherited her athleticism from her father and her baking talents from her mother.

Alison loves animals. She has a dog named Duke and a cat named Matilda. She also desires a horse.

Alison's favorite snack is pretzels. Alison's favorite cookies are peanut butter cookies.

Alison has traveled for vacation more often than most of her friends have.

Alison has a tree house fort in her backyard.

Her favorite color is Robin's Egg Blue.

Alison, like all her friends, enjoys visiting Ellie's magic attic. Alison was the first to enter the attic, since she rushed up the stairs. She was the last of the initial four members to have a solo adventure. Alison is often the most hesitant to visit Ellie's attic, but does often seek Ellie out when upset or seeking advice. Alison is the closest to Ellie's dog companion, Monty, and has been on an adventure with him.

Alison is a member of The Magic Attic Club. The other club members are Heather, Megan, Keisha, Rose, Chloe, and Jane. They share their attic adventures with each other and are best friends. Alison has known Megan the longest of her friends, but they don't often agree with one another. Still, Alison enjoys spending time with Megan. Due to Alison's impulsive urges, she caused an argument between herself and Heather. However, Alison is relatively supportive of Heather. They quickly resolved the misunderstanding and became friends again. Alison is pretty close with Chloe, who shares her love of extreme sports. Alison is closer to Jane than all the other MAC members, due to Jane being Alison's math partner. Like all the other MAC members, Alison was initially distrustful of Rose, but grew to understand and befriend her.

Family & Background[]

Alison was born February 2nd. She lives right next door to Ellie after crossing the street, right on the corner. Alison and Megan have always lived off of Primrose Street. She attends Lincoln Elementary School with her friends. Alison is close with her family. She is the only girl in her immediate family. The McCans are tight-knit. They are known for having the same infamous smile. The McCanns' family motto is: Play hard, play to win.

*Trivia*The MAC may live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Alison was stated to be wearing a Philadelphia Flyers hat in The Jewel of the Sea Cruise. Not much is known about the year the stories take place, but the dates and times from the series line up with several years throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.

Family and Family Friends[]

Below is a list of Alison's "real" or "main" family and friends. On the MAC's adventures, they develop several alter lifestyles with different family members and friends.

Dad-He's a real estate agent. He has high expectations for his children. He encourages his kids to never give up.

Mom-Alison's mother. She calls Alison and her friends the "Musketeers of Primrose Street." She has her own catering business. She says Alison "flunked nap time at preschool". Alison's mom appears to know about Ellie's magic attic. When Alison and her friends find a golden key in the snow, she insists they return it to Ellie and allows Alison to visit with Ellie without hesitation.

Mark-Alison's 13-year-old brother. He likes to tease Alison. He always gets his way. He's extremely good at sports and Alison likes to compete against him. He often calls Alison his "biggest little brother" because she isn't very ladylike. He is interested in space and rocket science. Alison often feels he's good at everything.

Steven-One of Alison's 7-year-old twin brothers. They are mischievous and rowdy at times. His nickname is Stevie.

Jason-One of Alison's 7-year-old twin brothers. They are mischievous and rowdy at times. He's more aggressive than his brother.

Grandparents-They live in Florida. Alison visits them very often.

Great Aunt Bess-Alison describes her as very old, and considered Ellie to look as old as she does.

Aunt and Uncle-Alison's aunt and uncle who sometimes dance the Charleston, a popular dance from the 1920s.

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