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Release: 1996

Alison is recently diagnosed with dyslexia, and she feels too embarrassed and ashamed to tell her best friends about it. Unfortunately, her book report is due soon, and since Alison isn't able to finish it in time, she's not able to join her friends for one last magic attic adventure. As soon as Alison finishes her book, she finally arrives at Ellie's only to find her friends are gone. Instead she decides to bring another furry little friend along: Ellie's dog Monty!

Alison tries on a great outfit in Ellie's attic, looks into the mirror, and suddenly, she is part of Circus Corbellini! With the help of her new friends and a lot of practice, she learns to walk the wire, which is much harder than it looks. Even Monty is in the act! But now the circus is in trouble. What can Alison and Monty do to help? Is there enough time?

Adventure Locations

Corbellini Circus

Adventure Characters


Stefano Corbellini "Santo"

Belinda Serrano "Dizzy"




Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Garbiel Picart


  • Leotard, skirt, cape, crown, and slippers
  • Circus tent
  • Tightrope and pole
  • Monty, collar, and locket necklace
  • Popcorn, hot dog, soda cup, box, and circus tickets

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