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Release: 1995

Alison is challenged by a boy in class to finish her science experiment first, and she can't help but take up the dare! Unfortunately, she gets so caught up in the competition that she carelessly mishandles her experiment, hurting her partner Megan. With her friends and favorite teacher upset with her, Alison decides to visit Ellie's magic attic.

On her adventure, she finds herself out in the woods, leading a group of weary young campers. When the girls encounter two hungry bears on the trail, they run off into the forest. Now they're lost and only Alison can lead them back to safety. How can Alison earn their trust again? Can she find their camp before the thunderstorm hits?

Adventure Locations

Camp Vista (Sierra Cabin)

Adventure Characters

Ms. Joseph

Ben Benchley

Becky Wong





Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Gabriel Picart


  • Sweatshirt, jacket, shorts, hair ribbon, socks, and boots
  • Tent and drawstring bag
  • Plush bear cub
  • Backpack, water bottle, granola bar, apple, and trail map

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