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  • Nightgown, hair ribbon, fuzzy slippers
  • Pink bear
  • Canopy bed, pillows, and matching linen
  • Dresser
  • Bedside

Trivia: In the catalog, Heather stated she helped paint the knobs on her dresser the color pink.


  • Short nightgown w/ blue flowers, matching slippers
  • Nightgown, hair ribbon, and slippers
  • Yellow bear
  • Plush Ginger cat
  • Pull-out drawer bed, pillows, and linen
  • Bedside nightstand
  • Mirror and dresser

Trivia: Megan's bed has a pull-out drawer for her stuffed bear. She has expressed her bed is "colonial"-styled.


  • Nightgown, hair ribbon, and slippers
  • Stenciled natural wood bed, pillows, and linens
  • Wooden dresser
  • Mirrored vanity table and bench
  • Purple Bear

Trivia: Aside from the color purple, Keisha loves polka dots.


  • Pajamas, slippers, and hair ribbon (1994)
  • Nightgown, hair ribbon, and slippers
  • Blue bear
  • Wicker bed, pillows, and linen
  • Wicker dresser
  • Wicker rocking chair and pillows

Trivia: Alison's pajamas are very rare.


  • Nightgown, hair ribbon, and slippers
  • Green bear
  • Brass bed, pillow, and linens
  • Wooden dresser
  • Wooden heart hope chest

Trivia: Rose used to share her room with her sister.

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