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Release: 1997

Rose wants to help all the people who have been affected by a flood out west, and gets her friends on board with her project. Rose aims to make the project a big deal. But when she brings the idea to her principal, he believes that her plans are too "ambitious". He only agrees to support her project if it stays within the school. Disappointed, Rose decides to visit Ellie's magic attic.

On her adventure, Rose finds herself in a Cheyenne village in the mid-1800s, where she discovers many of the customs of her ancestors. She also discovers Sarah, the young settler, who has become separated from her family. Rose is determined to help Sarah, but the unpredictable plains weather proves dangerous for Rose and the others. Will her patience and courage win out in the midst of a raging prairie fire?

Adventure Locations

Cheyenne Village on the open prairie

Bent's Fort

Adventure Characters

Mr. Roberts

Crooked Elbow


Stick Woman

Sun Bear


Sarah's Father

Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Dan Burr


  • Cheyenne dress, moccasins, leggings, belt, and hair ties
  • Doll and cradle board
  • Blanket and pouch
  • Choker, necklace, and two bracelets
  • Tepee and lodge poles

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