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Introduced through L.L. Knickerbocker Company in 2001, Chloe never had an introductory book. However, her character was summarized on the official Magic Attic Club website.


Chloe is known for her long platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, and light skin complexion. Initially, it was rumored she was supposed to be an Asian character. However, she was designed and released differently. Chloe is known for deviating from wearing a "favorite color" (debuting in Pink like Heather, but with an Orange name logo like Jane) and for wearing more mature clothing. Her style has a "cool girl" vibe complete with shades.

Personality & Interests[]

According to the Magic Attic Club website under Knickerbocker, which is no longer in operation, Chloe is considered poetic. She enjoys song-writing and singing. She likes playing her acoustic guitar. She never goes anywhere without her notebook in case she gets inspiration.

Aside from being poetic, she is also considered athletic, only her interests are more extreme. Chloe grew up in a warmer climate, so she enjoys swimming, surfing, and skateboarding, which she shares with her brother.

While Chloe enjoys playing sports, she equally enjoys dressing up, which she notes her brother doesn't quite understand about her. [1] Chloe gets along best with Alison, though they often compete.

Chloe, like her friends, enjoys visiting Ellie's attic. However, she is the only member not to have any listed adventures of her own. Chloe's personal relationship with Ellie remains unknown.

Chloe is a member of The Magic Attic Club. They share their secret attic adventures with one another and are best friends. The members consist of Heather, Megan, Keisha, Alison, Rose, and Jane. However, Chloe never appeared in the series or in a collection with Jane. Chloe is closest with Alison who shares her love of extreme sports. Chloe's relationship with the other members is unclear.

Family & Background[]

Chloe was born April 10th. Chloe is widely understood to have moved from a warm climate, primarily California, considering her love of surfing. It's unclear whether her family has the same connections to Ellie that most of the other girls' families have. Chloe now lives on Primrose Street and attends Lincoln Elementary with the other girls.

**Trivia**The MAC may live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Alison was stated to be wearing a Philadelphia Flyers hat in The Jewel of the Sea Cruise. Not much is known about the year the stories take place, but the dates and times from the series line up with several years throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.

Main Family and Family Friends[]

Below is a list of Megan's "real" or "main" family and friends. On the MAC's adventures, they develop several alter lifestyles with different family members and friends.

Parent(s) and/or Guardians-Moved the family to Primrose Street. Not much else is known about them.

Conner-Chloe's twin brother who shares her love of extreme sports, but who often feels left out due to Chloe spending so much time with her Magic Attic Club friends.

Chloe's Stories w/ Collection[]