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Release: 1995

Megan gets inspired by a guest speaker to overcome all obstacles to reach her dream of being a diplomat. But when she tries to share her dreams with her friends, they begin to doubt her abilities. Megan decides to visit Ellie's magic attic for some alone time.

On her adventure, Megan goes back to an old wild west show and meets Kate, an expert stunt rider. Kate's father hasn't let her compete since an accident blinded her, so Kate teaches Megan to ride Thunderbolt. Will Megan learn her stunts in time? How can she help Kate?

Adventure Locations

18th Century Wild West

Adventure Characters

Ms. Austin

Hannah Green

Sam Duffey

Kate Duffey

Annie Oakley

Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Janice Leotti and Rich Grote


  • Cowgirl skirt, shirt, and boots
  • Cowgirl jacket, hat, and lasso
  • Guitar and case
  • Pitchfork, bucket, and stool

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