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Release: 1996

Megan is taking a skiing trip with her father for Spring Break, but she's a little scared since she's never skied before. Megan will also be taking an airplane for the first time without her parents. Megan decides to visit Ellie's attic to get her mind off of her fears.

On her adventure, Megan finds herself in the Swiss Alps. She encounters shady characters in ski masks and a robbery, landing her in the middle of a real mystery more exciting than any she's ever read. Will she be able to master a dangerous ski trail and outsmart the thieves?

Adventure Locations

The Swiss Alps

Adventure Characters

Lizzie Robinson

Mona Robinson

Paul Robinson



Monsieur Boucher

Detective Court

Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Janice Leotti-Bachem


  • Metallic gold ski jacket, black sweater, mittens, and boots
  • Skis, poles, and ski boots
  • Plush husky puppy
  • Wooden sled

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