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"The day we first made friends with our new neighbor, Ellie, she gave us the key to her attic and said we could play there anytime. We raced all the way upstairs, and what we found was like a dream come true.

There's a trunk in the attic filled with the most beautiful dresses you've ever seen--ball gowns, ballerina tutus, princess gowns, plus outfits to wear for all of our favorite sports, like horseback riding, gymnastics-- even figure skating!

But that isn't the best part. There's a mirror, too. You just dress up in an outfit from the trunk and look into the mirror--and all of sudden, you're on an adventure, like a fantasy that becomes real!

You can have a key to the attic too, and play with us whenever you want. It's like having a birthday party that never ends!"


Ellie is known for her graying hair (originally a reddish brown or auburn) often worn back in one braid, her short height, and her flaming blue eyes, which often sparkles with mischief. She wears a pair of glasses that she often misplaces. It's noted that the illustrations never actually reveal her face. Even when her face is turned towards the reader, it's often blocked out.

Personality & Interests[]

Ellie is patient, mischievous, mysterious, and enigmatic. She has a youthful quality about her, yet she's wise and good at giving advice. When Ellie was younger, she was danger-prone.

She gives voice lessons, ballet lessons, piano lessons, guitar lessons, and acting classes. Ellie also loves to garden and read mystery and horror novels.

She's often found cooking, sometimes even rare and interesting foods, in her kitchen.

Ellie was an actress before the beginning of the series. Her acting career has led her all around the world. Her home is filled with souvenirs and other objects she acquired while traveling.

Ellie has a magic mirror in her attic and a wardrobe filled with costumes that she allows the Magic Attic Club members to explore. It was passed down from her family. When Ellie was younger, she used to travel through the mirror with her own friends. It's unclear where this magic mirror came from or how Ellie's family came to own it. It appears Ellie is somehow linked to its magic. Somehow, costumes automatically replenish in the wardrobe and conveniently show up when the Magic Attic Club members need them. It's unclear whether Ellie replaces them herself or if some sort of magic is involved.

She took a certain interest in Heather, Megan, Keisha, and Alison, and eventually Rose, Chloe, and Jane. It is unclear why she chose Heather, Megan, Keisha, and Alison as bearers of the attic key or why she allowed them specifically to utilize the mirror. It's also unclear why she allowed Jane to enter the attic alone (considering the book that fleshes Jane's story out is difficult to find). After the initial members found her attic key in the snow, Ellie appeared to resolve that they were meant for the attic and its magic mirror. It's possible she may have remembered them traveling to her time in the past. She may have been waiting for them to be born, running into their parents, especially their mothers, as she grew up. Ms. Ryder, Ms. McCann, and Ms. Hardin took lessons from Ellie, and they appeared to know her very well, even knowing about the magic key. Keisha's mother also seemed to know her, allowing her daughter to visit Ellie the first day Keisha met her. Ellie has also stated that she knew Rose's family for years. It's unclear how connected she is to Chloe and Jane.

Ellie appeared to know that the girls had visited her in the past when their adventure was over. It's unclear whether the event was real, apart of the girls' imagination coming to life through the mirror, or part of some magic that Ellie has (considering she seemed to know the exact adventure they went on when they returned to tell her about it). Some fans speculate that Ellie and her family had been waiting for them, considering they didn't react too strongly to the 1990's dresses the girls were seen wearing and they didn't seem too surprised that the girls showed up in the house unexpectedly. It's also unclear whether Ellie or her parents knew Heather, Megan, Keisha, and Alison had traveled through the mirror to get to Ellie. Still, at the time, Ellie appeared to have a certain group of friends visiting her the day the girls visited, so it's possible the parents just assumed they were part of Ellie's group of friends. Regardless, she becomes very close with the Magic Attic Club. The members run Ellie's errands, attend events with her, and even threw her a birthday party. They also share their secret adventures with her as well.

The Magic Attic Club members often seek out Ellie when they are upset or seeking advice. Heather lives across the street from Ellie and takes ballet lessons from her. Megan lives down the street from Ellie, and takes piano and guitar lessons from Ellie. She also enjoys combing through Ellie's library. Keisha lives down the street from Ellie and shows interest in her voice lessons. Alison lives next door to Ellie, and is the closest to her pet terrier dog Monty. Rose lives down the street from Ellie and gives Ellie, and some of Ellie's other students, computer lessons. Jane met Ellie at an open house and was invited to the attic before meeting the MAC. Chloe's personal relationship with Ellie remains unknown.

Family & Background[]

Ellie was born May 16th. Though her full name is Eleanor, everyone calls her "Ellie". The Magic Attic Club speculate that she is in her "50s or 60s" at the start of the series, though Alison stated she appeared as old as her "Great Aunt Bess". Ellie was a child in the 1930s, during the Great Depression.

Ellie has lived on Primrose Street her whole life. She inherited her family home, the magic attic, and the magic mirror, but it's unclear which side of the family Ellie gets it all from. Her home was left empty for a long time while she was traveling as an actress until she finally moved back the day she met Heather, Megan, Keisha, and Alison.

**Trivia**The MAC and Ellie may live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Alison was stated to be wearing a Philadelphia Flyers hat in The Jewel of the Sea Cruise. Not much is known about the year the stories take place, but the dates and times from the series line up with several years throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.

Family and Family Friends[]

Monty-Ellie's white terrier dog who is her loyal companion. He's playful and friendly. He appears particularly fond of Alison and has even been on an adventure with her in Alison Walks the Wire. He's usually never too far away from Ellie though.

Mother- A hospitable woman who invites Heather, Megan, Keisha, and Alison into her home, despite only knowing them a short while. She and Ellie used to bake Christmas cookies together.

Father-Known as a tall well-dressed man. When the younger Ellie falls in ice in the introductory book, he brings her inside to care for her.

Grandmother-A feisty and take-charge woman who ushers the household to work together to help her granddaughter after she falls in ice. Heather compares her to her own grandmother.

Attic Angels-Ellie used to travel through the magic attic herself along with some friends she formed a club with. They called themselves the Attic Angels. It's unclear what happened to the club members. Ellie gives some hints about their adventures (like visiting a Loch Ness Monster), but not much else is mentioned after the first book.

Dorothy-Ellie's friend from high school. It's unclear whether she was a part of the Attic Angels. It is known that she and Ellie are considered opposites. They are often at odds because of how different they are, but they are still close.

Caretaker-Ellie had a caretaker watching her house while she was away before moving back to Primrose Street. It's unclear if this person knows about the magic attic or the magic mirror.

Story Appearances[]