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Release: 1995

Heather is invited to a birthday party being thrown by Tiffany Sibbett, one of the coolest girls in school. However, her Magic Attic Club friends get excluded from Tiffany's big-deal birthday party. Heather is on-the-fence about whether she should go to one of the coolest parties ever...and she's afraid what Tiffany would think if she refuses the invitation. But she doesn't want to hurt her best friends. She decides to take a trip to the attic for an answer.

Heather travels back to turn of the 20th century England, where she's the center of attention at a fancy ball. But Heather is shocked when her new friend, Lisbeth, is accused of stealing a necklace. Will Heather stick up for her friend? What will the other girls think of her?


Adventure Locations

18th Century England and a English Country Estate

Adventure Characters

Tiffany Sibbett-A popular yet snobbish girl in Heather's class who shows her special attention after Heather's mother appeared in a local newspaper

Lisbeth-A "servant" of Heather and her mirror "family"

Catherine-Heather's "mirror" cousin who accuses Lisbeth of stealing

Aunt Beatrice-Heather's "mirror" aunt and mother of Catherine

Amelia-A friend of Catherine's

Cousin William-Heather's "mirror" cousin who shares a dance with her

Book Gallery[]

Illustrations by Ed Tadiello


  • Ball gown and slippers
  • Cape and purse
  • Jewelry box, pearl necklace, bracelet
  • Candlestick and candles
  • Golden necklace, bracelet, and tiara

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