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Release: 1997

The story begins with star-struck Heather eagerly visiting a video store to join a contest offering a chance to spend the day with a famous young movie actress named Suzi Paris. Being a regular at the store, she also decides to rent some classical movies for her and her friends to enjoy. Her friends, less enthusiastic, begin to tease her for being obsessed with old movies and Hollywood.

While walking home with her friends from a video store, Heather decides to visit Ellie. Ellie gives her an idea-she can have a real Hollywood experience in the magic mirror.

On her adventure, Heather's chance at stardom comes when she's asked to stand in for Rena Malone, a child star of the 1940's. At first she is excited; she can't believe she's getting the chance to be a movie star, but then she becomes suspicious. Where is the real Rena? And will Heather be able to pull off the greatest act of her life?

Adventure Locations

1940s Hollywood, California/Home of Rena Malone

Adventure Characters

Roy-The director of Rena Malone's movie

Harry-The producer of Rena Malone's movie

Rena Malone-The child actress that disappeared; bears so much of a resemblance to Heather, that Heather was hired to stand in for her at an awards show

Coach Jean-The "Star Maker" that discovers Heather and the mother of Rena and Sophie

Sophie-Rena Malone's little sister who often has a sour face and doesn't approve of her mother trying to replace her sister

Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Jordi Tores


  • Gown, white boa, and silver slippers
  • Movie board, necklace, bracelet, and gloves
  • Hat, hat box, and purse
  • Maggy award, sunglasses, black and white publicity photos, and fan
  • Chaise lounge

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