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Release: 1996

Heather urges her Magic Attic Club friends to join the school's Academic bowl. The competition gets fierce when the winners are offered the chance to visit the nation's capital, Washington D.C.! But when Heather is chosen on a different team from her friends, she's not able to perform at her best during the practice competition. Her team begins to feel that Heather is losing on purpose, and her Magic Attic Club friends suspect Heather is holding back, too. They suggest she visit the attic.

On Heather's attic adventure, Adagio is an old horse no one wants except Heather, who falls in love with his gentle spirit. But when Adagio balks on the stadium jumping course, Heather is ready to quit-until she discovers that his hidden talent is dressage. Is it too late for them to prepare for the exhibition?

Adventure Locations

Thistle Downs Riding School

Adventure Characters

Carrie Besmer-A girl in Heather's class who picked her to be apart of her team in the school's Academic Bowl

Anna-One of Heather's teammates in the school Academic Bowl

Dawn-One of Heather's teammates in the school Academic Bowl

Mr. Valenti-The teacher in charge of the Academic Bowl

Lynette-A rider at Thistle Downs Riding School who doesn't have much faith in Adagio, and doesn't hesitate to make negative remarks about him

Adagio-The old horse that Heather is put in charge of

Pete Sanborn "Sandy"-A Thistle Downs instructor who has known Adagio a long time. He helped Heather formulate a routine for a "Kur" routine in horse dressage, i.e. musical freestyle.

Amy-A blonde instructor who gave Heather advice on how to train Adagio and was also a judge in the school's Exhibition

Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Ed Tadiello


  • Riding outfit-riding jacket, jodhpurs, white blouse, riding boots
  • Grooming kit, brushes, towel, and saddle soap
  • Riding hat and crop
  • Tack box, ribbons, and program

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