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Release: 1998

Rose takes on the job of a computer tutor for one of Ellie Goodwin's vocal students, Blake Muller, but he turns out to be a real pain. All he wants to do is show off how well he can sing all day! Rose takes a break by visiting Ellie's magic attic.

On her adventure, she finds herself on an island. Rose has never been to a tropical island. She loves the beautiful flowers, different flavored foods, and the friendly island people with their colorful shirts and pareaus. She might even get to like surfing if Haku wasn't such a pest! Haku is determined to beat Rose and win the surfing contest. But when he catches a wave and disappears no one else seems to notice! What should Rose do?

Adventure Locations

South Pacific Island (Tahiti)

Adventure Characters

Blake Muller



Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Tony Meers


  • Polynesian grass skirt, shorts, top, white flower comb
  • Bathing suit, sarong, and sandals
  • Hat, necklace, and lei set
  • Surfboard
  • Hammock with stand

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