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Was initially supposed to be released in 1999 under L.L. Knickerbocker Company, Inc. She was never officially released, but her introductory book "Jane in a Land of Enchantment" exists as a rare copy.


Jane has long blonde hair worn with fringe, brown eyes, and freckles. She is often seen wearing hints of Orange.

Personality & Interests[]

Not much is known about Jane, however it is noted that in the synopsis for one of her books she is Alison's new math partner, possibly even her tutor. Jane seems to be clever and a good problem solver. In The Mystery of the Pharaoh's Tomb synopsis, it poses the question "Can Jane help figure out if the curse is real or just a hoax?", revealing that Jane is the one taking it upon herself to help her new friends solve the mystery. Jane also came up with a clever plan to help her friend Lily in Jane in a Land of Enchantment.

Jane, like all her friends, enjoys visiting her neighbor and good friend Ellie, as well as her magic attic. She is the only member to have her first adventure without the other members of the Magic Attic Club. Jane met Ellie at an open house and was invited to the attic before meeting the MAC.

Jane is a member of The Magic Attic Club. They share their attic adventures with one another and are best friends. The members consist of Heather, Megan, Keisha, Alison, Rose, and Chloe. However, Jane never appeared in the series or in a line with Chloe. Jane is Alison's math partner, so Alison knows her most. Her relationship with the other members is unclear, but they were all shocked she was allowed to go into the attic without them.

Family & Background[]

Not much is known of her family or background. It's not certain how long she's been in the neighborhood, but she hasn't been mentioned in any of the books before her introductory story and is considered "Alison's new math partner". She first meets Ellie Goodwin at an open house. It's unclear why Ellie chose her to go into the attic alone at that time since there are very few copies of her first book around to give those details. At the time of her first story, Jane is assumed to live on Primrose Street and attends Lincoln Elementary with the other Magic Attic Club members based on the book synopsis.

**Trivia**The MAC may live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Alison was stated to be wearing a Philadelphia Flyers hat in The Jewel of the Sea Cruise. Not much is known about the year the stories take place, but the dates and times from the series line up with several years throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.

Main Family and Family Friends[]

Below is a list of Jane's "real" or "main" family and friends. On the MAC's adventures, they develop several alter lifestyles with different family members and friends.

Parent(s) or Guardians-They live on Primrose Street. There isn't much information about Jane's guardians, but we know that they must have been at an open house with Jane and must have been comfortable enough with Ellie to allow Jane to visit with her.

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