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Release: 1996

Keisha is excited when her Volunteer Day assignment is at a hospital! She's always wanted to do something important to help people, just like her parents. Her father is also chosen to visit the class and share his stories about being a volunteer paramedic. Keisha tries to share some things she's done that have been important as well. But as her father's exciting stories begin to impress her class more and more, Keisha begins to feel left out...and she begins to feel the daily things she does to help her family are insignificant in comparison. Disappointed and hurt, Keisha visits Ellie's attic.

On her adventure, Keisha refuses to stay home with the women in her village while the men join her father, the chief, on an important journey. Secretly following them, Keisha comes upon an old woman who needs her help. But what can make Keisha give up her mission?

Adventure Locations

Ancient Central Africa (Along the Congo River Basin)

Adventure Characters

Ms. Austin

Noah Cummings

Brittany Foster


Mama Loma



Bibi Isubu

Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Eric Velasquez


  • Ancient African princess dress, collar, crown, and sandals
  • Rattan throne
  • Bead bracelets and hair pick

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