The Magic Attic Club Wiki


  • Primrose Street
  • Hardin Home
  • McCan Home
  • Vance Home
  • Ryder Home
  • Hopkins Home
  • Jane's Home
  • Chloe's Home
  • Ellie's house
  • Lincoln Elementary
  • Downtown
    • Ice Cream Parlor
    • Pool
    • Library
    • Video Store
    • Pharmacy
    • Poppa Pepperoni's
    • Le Jardin
    • Movies
    • The Local Park
    • Overbrook Park
    • Metro Civic Center
    • Circle Building
    • Brick Hotel
    • Main Square
  • Nursing Home
  • Ice Rink
  • The University
  • The Private School
  • Oakview-Book Store and Oakview Drugstore
  • Jr. High
  • Local Hospital
  • Day Care Center
  • Recycling Center
  • Animal Shelter
  • Attorney's Office
  • High School
  • Mrs. Haggerty's House
  • Mrs. Lipmann's House
  • Mrs. Wentworth's House
  • Church
  • The Farm
  • Computer Store
  • Nantucket Inn
  • Day Camp
  • Swiss Alps
  • Paris
  • Washington, D.C.
  • South America
  • Africa
  • The West

The Magic Attic Club live on Primrose Street and attend Lincoln Elementary School. Their neighbor Ellie Goodwin also lives on the same street in an old Victorian mansion.

Lincoln Elementary School.jpg

Ellie is situated on the corner. Heather lives right across the street from Ellie. To Ellie's left, Alison lives next door to her after crossing a side street. Megan, Keisha, and Rose live down the street to Ellie's right. Keisha and Rose live right across the street from one another. Rose lives on Ellie's side of the street. Megan lives the farthest down the street. It's unclear where Chloe and Jane live. Jane lives close enough to attend an open house with Ellie.

The town they live in has a downtown area nearby. The Magic Attic Club have often traveled downtown to pick up Ellie's prescriptions, to join movie star contests, to get books from the library, to visit the pool, to get ice cream, and more.

A university is located within the same city, though maybe not too close to Primrose Street. Rose was recorded as saying she lived "near the university", stating that it's a university situated within the town. However, it must have been far enough away that Rose's family had to enroll her in a new school.

Oakview is a neighboring town, where Olympic gold medalist Maria Rodriguez visited to sign autographs and Oakview Drugs resides. Mr. Burns, the racist pharmacist, resides there.


There's a possibility that the Magic Attic Club live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In Keisha to the Rescue, Alison was recorded to be wearing a Philadelphia Flyers cap. Most people wear the sports attire associated with their hometown or nearby state. It's clear that the Magic Attic Club do not reside in the city of Washington DC, state of Wisconsin, state of Florida, city of Chicago, state of Hawaii, nor state of California, as throughout the series the Magic Attic Club either expressed these are places they have traveled to or these locations have been places people they know have come from.

Adventure Destinations[]

On their adventures, the Magic Attic Club have been to many locations, both real and fantasy. Typically, they go wherever their imagination leads them. Read up on the adventures in the following sections to see the locations they visit.

1. The Secret of the Attic

2. Heather at the Barre

3. Princess Megan

4. Heather, Belle of the Ball

5. Three Cheers for Keisha

6. Keisha The Fairy Snow Queen

7. Alison Goes for the Gold

8. Alison on the Trail

9. Viva Heather

10. Downhill Megan

11. Keisha To the Rescue

12. Heather Goes To Hollywood

13. Alison of Arabia

14. Cowgirl Megan

15. Keisha's Maze Mystery

16. Keisha Leads the Way

17. Heather Takes the Reins

18. Megan's Balancing Act

19. Alison Saves the Wedding

20. Alison Walks the Wire

21. Megan's Masquerade

22. Trapped Beyond the Magic Attic

23. Rose's Magic Touch

24. Cheyenne Rose

25. Rose Faces the Music

26. The Ghost of Camp Whispering Pines

27. Keisha Discovers Harlem

28. Alison Rides the Rapids

29. Heather and the Pink Poodles

30. Megan in Ancient Greece

31. Island Rose

32. The Jewel of the Sea Cruise

33. Megan and the Borealis Butterfly

34. Champion Rose

35. A Tale of Two Alisons

36. Heather's Fashion World

37. Jane in a Land of Enchantment

38. The Mystery of the Pharaoh's Tomb