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Release: 1996

Megan's class is assigned to bring an artifact for a special time capsule project, and she's eager to find the perfect thing to put inside. She decides to visit the magic attic for inspiration.

On her adventure, as the guest at a masquerade ball during the Revolutionary War, she makes a new friend who desperately needs her help. Now it's up to Megan to get a secret message through to Thomas Jefferson at Monticello! What should she do when she hears her friend's father is a spy?

Adventure Locations

1781 America (Wide Hall Estates and Monticello)

Adventure Characters

Ms. Austin

Sergeant Rush

Sue Ellen Briggs

Jason McCray

Jeb Briggs

Security Guard

Thomas Jefferson

Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Bill Dodge, Rich Grote, and Catherine Huerta


  • Masquerade dress and slippers
  • Wooden table and chairs
  • Tea set
  • Tablecloth, case, and flowers
  • Set of 5 masks
  • Cameo necklace, fan, and invitation

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