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Release: 1998

Megan is put in charge of planning a Haunted Hayride Halloween event, but the day of the event turns into disaster when it rains. The offer to visit the pumpkin patch and ride a fire engine in place of it at a later date doesn't sound very age-appropriate or exciting to Megan. Disappointed, she visits the magic attic.

On her adventure, Megan finds herself in ancient Greece when everyone is getting ready to celebrate the Festival of the Harvest. A new temple built by Megala's Uncle Lysius and Cousin Nestor is being dedicated to Demeter, the goddess of the harvest. Megan discovers that the beautiful bronze status of Demeter has been stolen from the temple. But she can't tell anyone because girls aren't supposed to be out alone, especially at night! Who can Megan turn to; whom can she trust?

Adventure Locations

Ancient Athens, Greece

Adventure Characters

Mrs. North

Mr. Appleby

Joey Diaz

Jack Stevens

Aunt Cassia

Uncle Lysius

Cousin Nestor




Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Bill Dodge


  • Greek goddess tunic, cape, arm bands, sandals, gold leaf crown
  • Necklace, bracelet, and fan
  • Lyre, urn, and bowl
  • Two Greek masks
  • Classical hair extensions

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