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Release: 1995

Megan is excited to be directing her own play for seniors at a senior home. But when her mother forces her to help with her food drive, the same day as the play, Megan is upset. When she tries to explain to her mother the issue, her mother doesn't listen. Megan decides to visit Ellie's magic attic to cool down after the news.

When Megan tries on a princess gown in her neighbor's attic she suddenly finds herself at a medieval French castle. The peasant girl who befriends her treats her like royalty and begs her to rescue the unicorn. How does Megan tell her that she's not princess? Will her plan to save the unicorn work?

Megan learns to trust her friends by delegating some of her play work load. She's also able to communicate with her mom. In the end, she's able to help the drive and rely on her friends to help make her play a success.

Adventure Locations

Medieval French Castle

Adventure Characters




Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Rich Grote


  • Princess gown and gold slippers
  • Princess hat and cape
  • Wall-hanging, purse w/ coins, and diary
  • Wooden spinning wheel

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