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Release: 1997

Rose's new Magic Attic Club friends want to join chorus, but she has a secret fear-stage fright. She's not sure if she can share such a personal fear with her new friends. She decides to visit Ellie for advise. She ends up in the magic attic.

On her adventure, Rose is thrilled to find herself helping Peter Presto, a world-famous magician on tour in Salzburg, Austria. When his assistant is called away right before a very important televised performance, Rose is asked to step in. Can she "magically" save the show-and the master magician's reputation?

Adventure Locations

Salzburg, Austria (TV Set and Cafe Musik)

Adventure Characters


Peter Presto, Master Magician

Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Catherine Huerta


  • Pleated pants, blouse, jacket, bow tie, cummerbund, and slippers
  • Skirt and tights
  • Top hat and bunny
  • Magic book and cards
  • Set of three scarves, magic cup game, and magic wand
  • Magician's trunk

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