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Release: 1997

Rose sets aside the work she was supposed to help her mother with to play soccer with her friends. While showing off her soccer skills to her Magic Attic Club friends, Rose's ball crashes into a neighbor's car window. Now, Rose has two bad things to tell her mother! Though Rose writes a note apologizing and offering to fix the damage, she doesn't know how she's going to face her mother. Rose visits the magic attic to clear her mind.

On her adventure, Rose can't believe her good luck. She is chosen to play her saxophone in a school jazz band at the presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C. But the plans suddenly change. Can Rose make it all work out, or will her interference only cause more problems?

Adventure Locations

Washington, D.C.

Fancy Hotel

White House

Adventure Characters


Miss Lum

Mrs. Krampetz


Mrs. Pierce

Mr. Warton

Reporter Sandy

Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Bill Dodge


  • Gown and slippers
  • Garment bag and hangers
  • Saxophone and case
  • Travel case, cap, and pillow
  • Glasses, case, and jewelry
  • Alarm clock and journal

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