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"I wasn't sure if I would like going to public school. It's so hard to make new friends. Then I met Heather, Alison, Keisha and Megan at Ellie's and they asked me to join the Magic Attic Club. Now, I have true friends and go on the most wonderful adventures!

Grown ups call me a computer whiz. I like playing games best, but I help my mom with her school projects and I'm teaching my grandfather how to use all the software. He calls me Little Flower and is teaching me our native language, Cheyenne. All good things come from the earth he says. That's why my favorite color is green.

I love playing soccer. My sister used to coach me, but she left for college this year. She wants to be a teacher like my dad. I can't decide what I want to do. My mom thinks I should be a lawyer because I'm never afraid to speak up for others. She found this plaid jumper for me. She knew I would like the color, but it was the hat that sold her. She says it makes me look sophisticated."

Introduced through L.L. Knickerbocker Company, Inc. in 1997, Rose's concept and personality was fleshed out in the book "Trapped Beyond the Magic Attic" by Sherri Cooper Sinykin.


Rose is known for her long dark hair, dark eyes, and golden brown skin. She mostly wears green. She prefers to wear her hair loose.

Personality & Interests

Rose is logical and analytical, and is generally considered practical. Rose prefers to solve problems rather than complain about them. Still, she does have quite the imagination. She tends to exaggerate and make big plans.

She's never afraid to speak up for others, and her mother and friends have suggested that she'd make a great lawyer. She never backs down from a fight, especially if she's fighting for someone or something she believes in. She likes to contribute to humanitarian causes.

Rose is considered brave by others. She doesn't consider herself relatively shy and she always speaks her mind, yet her secret fear is being on stage in front of people. She doesn't like being on the spot in front of large crowds.

Rose is considered an expert soccer player, and is considered even better than Alison. Rose attended a soccer clinic and learned many new techniques. Rose has shown interest in being an Olympic soccer player. Rose is also on the school's basketball team with her friends.

She's considered a computer whiz. She gives her grandfather lessons from time to time, and attended the university computer camp. Rose had been working on an adventure computer game before joining the Magic Attic Club. She also has her own website. She programs the club's notebook online as well. Even though Rose can use the internet to record information, she enjoys writing because it helps her clear her mind. Rose likes to wear her hair down, and brushing it helps calm her as well.

She often comes across stand-offish when meeting new people. It takes time for her to warm up to new situations. She doesn't easily trust others, and finds it hard to make new friends. Rose can be touchy and sarcastic. Her father calls her "paper-skinned", and she's especially sensitive when it comes to her heritage and culture.

Despite her own sensitivity, often times she can go too far with her own teasing and joking. Rose tries not to take too much seriously, which often clashes with Megan's serious personality.

Rose is very connected with her Cheyenne culture. She enjoys cooking special dinners with her Grandfather and teaching her pet Cockatiel bird, Little Squawk, to speak some Cheyenne words. Rose loves to listen to Cheyenne stories as well. Rose is very protective of her heritage and culture. This was due to a lot of teasing she received because of her heritage.

Rose's favorite flavor is strawberry.

Rose has a good nose and can recognize fragrances instantly.

Her favorite color is Green because it reminds her of the Earth. Rose is quite the nature lover.

Rose, like all her friends, enjoys visiting her neighbor and good friend Ellie, as well as her magic attic. Rose was the first new member to join the club. Rose gives Ellie computer lessons and also gives lessons to some of Ellie's other students. She also visits with Ellie when she's upset or seeking advice.

Rose is a member of The Magic Attic Club. They share their secret attic adventures with one another and are best friends. The members consist of Heather, Megan, Keisha, Alison, Jane, and Chloe. Rose was the first new member after the club had been formed. Initially, she didn't trust the MAC and vice versa, but she quickly became friends with them after they invited her on an adventure. She is close with all of the members, but she and Megan have bumped heads due to their approach to things (Megan being more serious and Rose being more light-hearted). Her relationship with Chloe and Jane remain unclear.

Family & Background

Rose was born December 15th. She is of Cheyenne heritage. The Cheyenne are comprised of two Native American tribes, the Suhtai or Sutaio and the Tsétsêhéstâhese. Today, the Cheyenne people are split into two federally recognized Nations: the Southern Cheyenne, who are enrolled in the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes in Oklahoma, and the Northern Cheyenne, who are enrolled in the Northern Cheyenne Tribe of the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation in Montana. It is unclear which one Rose and her family are apart of.

Rose and her family moved to Primrose Street, and she attends Lincoln Elementary with her friends. Before moving, Rose and her family lived near the university her father works at and Rose attended a private school. Rose lives right across the street from Keisha and down the street from Ellie. Rose's family has known Ellie for years, though it isn't clear how they are connected.

**Trivia**The MAC may live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Alison was stated to be wearing a Philadelphia Flyers hat in The Jewel of the Sea Cruise. Not much is known about the year the stories take place, but the dates and times from the series line up with several years throughout the 1990s and early 2000s.

Main Family and Family Friends

Below is a list of Rose's "real" or "main" family and friends. On the MAC's adventures, they develop several alter lifestyles with different family members and friends.

Dad-A university professor

Mom-An anthropology student at the university. She likes lavender and tarragon herbs. Rose often assists her mother with typing up her university reports.

Anna-Rose's older sister who is in college. Rose's promotional introduction stated her sister is studying to be a teacher like their father, but the book series stated she's studying medicine. Her sister lives at the university. She keeps up with Rose through emails. She likes to help Rose with her causes.

Grandpa-Lives with Rose and her family and watches her while her parents are at the university. He posed as a model in a museum display diorama when he was a child. He enjoys all kinds of music, but is especially interested in Mozart. He's very close with Rose and almost seems to see right through her. He's an expert on Cheyenne stories and the family's ancestral history. He has a hobby of translating Cheyenne stories from English to Cheyenne. He is good at mechanical things, and installed an air conditioner in Ellie's attic. It's unclear if he knows the attic is magical.

Great Aunt-She has an attic just like Ellie's.

Uncle-Visited Hawaii for vacation and brought home tons of souvenirs.

Rose's Stories w/ Collection

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