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  • Rose's denim jacket, knit halter top, floral skirt, white sandals, panties, beaded headband, bracelets, purse, key necklace, membership card
  • Alison's blue jersey dress starter outfit, yellow top, socks, sneakers, sporty backpack, baseball cap, soccer ball, doll-sized key necklace and membership card
  • Chloe's pink vinyl jacket, leopard print capris, cropped tank, sandals, panties, Cool shades, flower hairpins, purse, doll-sized key necklace and membership card
  • Keisha's purple checked button down shirt, purple top, and jean skirt starter outfit, purple shoes, belt, shades, messenger bag, photo album, doll-sized key necklace and membership card
  • Heather's pink floral sundress starter outfit, strap sandals, organizer, purse, paint set, doll-sized key, necklace and membership card
  • Megan's gold hoodie/khaki shorts starter outfit, halter top, socks, denim shoes, hat, denim book bag, eyeglasses and case, doll-sized key necklace and membership card

Facts About Collection

  • The collection never had an official book to tie in with it.
  • Chloe was first introduced in this collection.
  • Jane wasn't included in the line.
  • All of the accessories listed aren't reflected in the photo. They are very rare.

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