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Release: 1998

Hot and bored from the summer heat, and with every cool place in town crowded with people, the Magic Attic Club decide to visit Ellie's magic attic for a cooler adventure.

Alison, Heather, Keisha, Megan, and Rose arrive at Camp Whispering Pines just in time to join everyone around the campfire. As the campers eat marshmallows, Rachel tells the true story about the founder's grandson, Jacob, who disappeared in a storm and now haunts the premises.

The next day, on a scavenger hunt, the girls lose their way just as a storm is starting. They take shelter in a cave and discover a lost boy named Jacob, but he can't be the same Jacob, can he? Ghosts don't really exist-do they?

Adventure Locations

Camp Whispering Pines

Adventure Characters

Rachel-A camper who knows all the local spooky stories at camp



Tina-A camp counselor at Camp Whispering Pines

Ben Thornton-A young boy lost in the woods and grandson to Mr. Thornton, the camp director

Jacob-A boy who disappeared one night on the grounds of Camp Whispering Pines. Spooky stories tell of his ghost that still lingers around the camp.

Mr. Thornton-The camp director and descendant of the founder of Camp Whispering Pines

Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Gabriel Picart


  • Rose's dress, clogs, and scrunchie
  • Keisha's pants, halter, sweatshirt, and shoes
  • Alison's vest, t-shirt, shorts, shoes, and socks
  • Megan's t-shirt, headband, skort, sandals
  • Heather's sweater, bandana, shorts, sox, and shoes
  • Red sleeping bag
  • Cot and pillow
  • Volleyball net and volleyball
  • Tennis gear
  • 2-piece shorty pajamas and bag
  • Red baseball cap, flashlight, and 3 friendship bracelets
  • Activity book and duffel bag

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