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Release: 1999

The Magic Attic Club find out that Ellie's birthday is coming up! They want to throw a party, but they can't decide on how to make it special enough. Rose suggests they visit the attic.

On the Magic Attic Club's adventure, Heather, Megan, Keisha, Alison, and Rose find themselves on an exciting Caribbean cruise on a beautiful ship named Jewel of the Sea. Dressed in fancy party dresses, the girls meet a stand-offish young girl from England named Lady Ashley. When they find Lady Ashley crying in her state room, they discover her secret. Can the girls come up with a plan in time to surprise Ashley on her special day?

Adventure Locations

Jewel of the Sea Ship


Adventure Characters

Ashley Worthingham


Ms. Clarke

Mrs. Stonebridge





Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Gabriel Picart



  • Rose's green dress, half slip, and green slip-on shoes
  • Keisha's lavender dress, half slip, and white sandals
  • Alison's blue skirt and top, half slip, white shoes
  • Megan's yellow dress, half slip, white sandals
  • Heather's pink gingham dress, half slip, pink gingham shoes
  • White straw hat, 5 hat ribbons, pink sunglasses
  • Deck table, birthday cake, napkins, and silverware for two
  • Ship's rescue ring, necklace, bracelet set
  • Lounge chair and cushion

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