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The prototype covers of Heather At The Barre and Alison Goes For the Gold can be seen on the catalogue's front cover.

Release: Test Catalogue was released in 1994.

Not much is known about the original introductory book "The Secret of the Mirror" by Elizabeth Kelly. However, it is known that it may have only focused on the three original characters Heather, Megan, and Alison. There were also a few outfits revealed in the original test catalog that may have coincided with the story. However, the story was never officially released and the collection was altered.

From, Left is the new Heather, Right is the prototype 1994


Starter Outfits

  • Orange t-shirt, pink jumper with hat, pink socks, pink sneakers (Heather)
  • Yellow jumper, yellow t-shirt, with hat, white socks, yellow sneakers (Megan)
  • Robin's egg Blue ruffle top with basic blue shirt, hat, blue socks, blue sneakers (Alison)

Other Books

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