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Release: 1997

The new girl in school, Rose, is a whiz at the computer and is even teaching Ellie. At first, Alison, Heather, Megan, and Keisha think she isn't interested in being friends. But then they decide that maybe they have misjudged her and should get to know her better. The girls ask Rose to join them on an adventure through the attic mirror.

Before they know it they are transported to a holiday party in a natural history museum. After sampling the treats, they decide to explore different sections of the museum. Rose is especially interested in finding the Native American display, in the hopes of learning more about her ancestors. But suddenly, all the girls find themselves locked in when the museum closes. Are they trapped beyond the magic attic? Will they get out before being caught by the security guards? Will Rose and her computer skills be able to save the day?

Adventure Locations

Natural History Museum

Adventure Characters

Security Guard-The late night guard at the Natural History Museum

Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Gabriel Picart


  • Rose's skirt, vest, shirt, headband, socks, shoes, and panties
  • Rose's blue denim purse w/ bead trim, green hat, watch, doll-sized necklace, and membership card.
  • Rose's green plaid party dress, hair ribbon, tights, and shoes
  • Heather's red velveteen party dress, hair ribbon, tights, and shoes
  • Attic Furniture-Wardrobe with 10 hangers, photo album, Trunk, and Mirror

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