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Release: 1996

Grandma Hardin visits Heather's home in time for Passover, but Heather feels embarrassed and exasperated with the festivities and stories her grandmother brings, especially when her grandmother decides to invite Heather's Magic Attic Club friends to one of the Passover feasts! Heather decides to visit the attic to escape.

In Heather's attic adventure, she finds herself in grave danger when she travels to Spain in 1492. She learns that all Jews must accept the faith of the King-or die! Heather gains new respect for her ancestors and the meaning of Passover. But how will she escape? Can she stow away on one of Christopher Columbus's ships?

Adventure locations

1942 Spain during the Inquisition (Alhambra, Court of Lions, Outside the palace)

Adventure Characters

Carlos Nunez-A palace guard who recently converted to Christianity to spare his life. He assists Heather with escaping.

Leah Vargas-The mother of the Vargas family who agreed with Heather's plan to escape

Isaac Vargas-Leah's youngest son, four years old

David Vargas-Leah's oldest son, six years old

Abraham Vargas-Leah's husband

Book Gallery[]

Illustrated by Richard Lauter


  • Gypsy skirt, blouse, vest, sandals
  • Chai necklace
  • Shawl and tambourine
  • Coin necklace, bracelet, and rose
  • Mandolin, leather bag, bread, and cheese
  • Pedestal mirror

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